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Publisher Info Lumia Play to website. The app is not opening when you go to the play store in Firefox. Many phones don't have the play store.

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Not a redirect to an app, but a web page that points you to super-awesome-zomg-your-so-stupid-for-not-using-it app. Zadovoljen Delno zadovoljen Delno nezadovoljen Nezadovoljen. Bad Experience is an understatement.

Available on Mobile device. These are just few of the killer features that may convince the uneducated user that this platform might be great after all.

That put it years behind in standards support. Potentially startups can even exploit it by looking at what is in the process of being locked down and producing a more open competitor to it. According to their wiki, they support donations via Bitcoin and Flattr as long as the developer of the app adds the option.

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That's not the case with Firefox. If there is a problem, then file a bug! They are all terrible, just in different ways. Chrome seems to be immune to such accidents, though. If no-one complains, then they get a clean shot at locking out a competitor.

Apps for football fans Get ready for kick-off! It's the Android way and Firefox is breaking it. If it wasn't someone would have solved it already. There are gestures which allow you to switch apps back and forth, but they don't work until the app has completely loaded.


It will be a skin around the Webkit runtime - but with Firefox Sync and similar enabled. Get the most out of your Windows experience. Mobilne naprave OneDrive Skype.

An increasing number are supporting Chrome only at initial launch, which really is sad. So why block just the mobile firefox user-agent?

Great, implement it, make some demos, show us why it's awesome and something we should all implement too. Additional information Published by Microsoft Mobile.

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Experience tells me they'd blame Google. You can make your phone Google-free as much as it's possible with Cyanogenmod. The official Google Play Store app doesn't.

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Works in Chrome and Firefox on a desktop. Holding a ten-year grudge against Microsoft is going to bite people in the end. Videos open in iVideo or whatever it's called. Published by Microsoft Mobile.

What is the actual problem here? As someone who has implemented both features, I much prefer the former. Every time I see it referenced almost in the exact same way, eg, as an excuse to cover someones ass for them. Gave you an up-vote, not sure why you're being down-voted for making a perfectly logical assumption. Firefox works with just access to the internet.

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Firefox for Android also has nicer default fonts and MathJax works! Think about the average user, both ways you described seem poorly user friendly.

It's almost like that's how webpages work or something. As a technical user of Firefox who didn't know about either of these, I think I can say that they are not intuitive. You could have fleshed it out into something similar but never did.

The whole point of the web is to be a common runtime. If you don't like using a runtime that is the lowest common denominator across all platforms then why are you using the web in the first place? That's always going to be a losing strategy. People are the same everywhere. And that's the danger, sniper rifles games and the probable reason for the downvote.

Or am I reading too much into things? Great for streaming my pictures on my smart tv.

Shouldn't downvoting be restricted to offensive posts? Is this a reasonable complaint?

For others they choose to support runtimes Chrome and Firefox. At least they need to justify this statement.