Total English Upper Intermediate Student Book

Why did you have to walt so long? Ss read a text about different people's opinions about the characteristics of a good friend. Get whole class feedback and write the words up on the board. Get whole class feedba ck. Get them to check their answers in pairs briefly and then get whole class feedback.

They could make a few notes to prepare what to say to a partner. If Ss don't have a job at the moment, encourage them to think about a job they would like to do and imagine which of the two sentences would probably be most relevant to them.

You could do the first one with Ss to make sure they understand the level of detail required. Then they draw their own family tree, describe it to each other and talk about some members of their families. Give examples of your own objectives in a diffe rent language to add clarity. Encourage them to say the sentences to each other to listen to where the stress is.

This bureaucratic nightmare means thai he ends up totally stranded, born 2 run 7lions mp3 living in the airport for over sixteen years. Make sure that each student in your class has a copy of the Total English Portfolio.

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Do you take too many or not enough? What kind of shops and other facilities e. Then get whole class feedback.

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Total english upper intermediate student book

Ss focus on ma king nouns, looking at the different suffixes we can use e. Remind them to look at the sentences before and after the gaps to help them. It's not far from Ihe post office. Ss should work in pai rs and try to add any other expressions to the box, thinking again about what each one refers to. Then get whole class feed back.

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Get Ss to write four more sentences about themselves using Gust in case, including three which are true and one which is false. It was a bit like being on a rollercoaster and I nearty felt in at one point. Do the first one as an example. Ask them to tell each other. Do brief whole class feedback and write some of the.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. What the book has accomplished is teaching the natural and native-like English! Check that Ss understand that this type of formal leiter uses more formal language. They finish by focussing on the grammar of obligation in the present and the pasl.

If you were asked to recommend a novel to a friend, which one would you r. Encourage them to underline the part of the text which tells them the answers. Ss should check their answers in pairs. Get Ss to read the text again and decide if the statements are true or fal se. After checking in pairs, get whole class feedback.

There is a free downloadable Total English Portfolio. English, and a common languap Is when people speak their own languqe but can also speak English, so can communicate wfth each other. Well it should be English and beautiful English and not the one which is just acceptable in the communicative method! Student have to choose the correct summary sentence. Divide the class into Student As and Student Bs.

Names and dates of the Hlms art In the Infonnatlon abeNe. The last thing Frankie needs is that kind of responsibility or that kind of risk. They should work in pairs and tell each other if they are true for them or not. Ss should ClllKk answers in pairs.

Ask them to work In pairs and make notes about what the advert might ask for e. Get Ss to check Iheir facts by asking the other Ss using appropriate question tags. Write them on the board and ask Ss how to correct them in pairs. He never sleeps during the day, He keeps himsetf very clean and well groomed. Tell them to write about a hundred words and remind them that the style of a diary or a blog is personal and does not have to be grammatically correct all the time.

Tell Ss to write as many different jobs for their category as they can In two minutes. Whilst there are clearly many benefits from these innovations. You could tell Ss about your own experience to get them going.

Gel Ss to read the extracts again and work with a partner to explain the following phrases. Have you read any novels In which the main character Is particularly Interesting or memorable? Get brief whole class feedback.

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Total English Pre-intermediate Students Book

Their dad's struggle to be a loving parent had turned into a battle against rust. Then get feedback but do not accept or reject their ideas at this stage. Get them to check their answers In pairs. Encourage them to write concisely using one sentence only for each one.

But because of a lack of official documents, he was since then his home has been a bench in a shopping mall of Terminal One. Get Ss to choose the correct alternative for each se ntence. He reflects on how his dad took them on motoring holidays of a lifetime and how In later years the holidays seemed less perfect and the car gradually became a painful vehicle of his affection. Do brief feedback on their ideas but do not accept or reject any ideas at this stage. Then they read, listen to and write some notes and messages.

Then ask for two or three opinions as whole class feedback. Tell Ss that they are going to give a short presentation about a city they know thei r own city or another. Get them to briefly check their answers in pairs. Encourage them to write some facts they are quite certain about and others they are less certain aboul. You do not need to do feedback at this stage as Ss will look at these sentences in the Active grammar box.

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