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Water crisis and Rainwater harvesting. If viewers want to see, they will see or else it is up to them.

Reportedly, this was the highest costing promotional campaign for any Indian television show. Some reviewers also criticized the show on various grounds.

It was in a way difficult, but we knew what we are doing is different, but it comes straight from our heart. Casteism and Untouchability.

The amount of research Aamir and his team has put into the show was clearly visible with the facts and figures presented. It aims to bring the great achievements of people which often go unnoticed in order to encourage the audience to achieve their goals no matter what comes in between. When I heard it, I was shocked. Logo of the show, which features the words Satyamev Jayate as written in Devanagari Hindi script.

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The show is highly regarded in China, where it is one of the highest-rated productions on popular Chinese site Douban. Filmography Awards and nominations. The show was widely compared to several other popular television shows by many different media and film personalities. She went on conclude by requesting Khan to bring in some raw energy in the show.

Female foeticide in India. In addition, interactive sessions were organized with audiences about the show in selected multiplexes of Mumbai and New Delhi. Unfortunately our servers have crashed due to the traffic, will be back soon. The show was presented and sponsored by Airtel and co-sponsored by Aqua guard.

Variety of languages used in the responses, different formats of the responses and the need of unearthing more sentiments from the messages were challenging for the analytics team. Several media organizations praised Aamir Khan for his effort and described the show as a movement. It also aims to empower citizens with information about their country, and urge them to take action.

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The show grips you and leaves you dumfounded! Persons with disabilities. While the primary language of the show is Hindi, it is simulcast in eight languages such as Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu, and subtitled in English, to ensure maximum reach. The team however went ahead and borrowed the title.

Pesticide poisoning and Organic farming. Sunset Years, Sunshine Life.

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The most responses came in Hinglish, a mix of Hindi and English. The show also received positive feedback from various eminent personalities such as social activists, media houses, film and television personalities. The shows created a different atmosphere. The responses of the audience were recorded and shown on screen during movie intervals. This is a baby step in that direction.

They were in either text, audio or video format. More power to him and even more power to issues he raises that affect us all. Taare Zameen Par Accolades. It is important to reach out to the Indian audiences. According to him, urdu inpage professional 2011 full the refrain of Ram Sampath's track is exactly the same as the chants in his song.

For other uses, see Satyamev Jayate disambiguation. The show was dubbed in several languages including three southern Indian languages viz. Every aspect of the issue was covered with great diligence.

Current broadcasts on StarPlus. At the moment Satyamev Jayate looks like a product of elitist conscientiousness. Well done Aamir Khan and Satyamev Jayate. The initiative was said to have been taken to ensure Satyamev Jayate reaches all over the country as it caters to the issues of the common people of the country.

Satyamev Jayate

Satyamev JayateSatyamev Jayate

Thoroughly researched covers all aspects touches emotional chord n forces us to reexamine ourselves. The show has also been well received overseas, including many parts of Asia as well as some parts of Africa. Khan, however, was hesitant at first but agreed and worked upon the concept of the show for two years. Aamir Khan came up with the idea of launching a music album for the show.

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The analytics were beyond just Praise and Criticism. While Hindi is the primary language of the show, it was also dubbed and simulcast in other Indian languages such as Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu, and subtitled in English. The issues discussed on the show garnered national attention, with several being discussed in parliament and influencing politicians and lawmakers to take action.

We have watched Ramayana and Mahabharata and it used to come on Sunday morning. The show is a classic example of that.