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Despite the fact that this review is kind of long, the game is really fun to play. One disparity I began to notice right off the bat was the discrepancy between players who pay and those who don't.

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It is difficult, though not impossible, to get good gear without paying money. And all the items were permanent.

Well i havent played this game in literally a year. Kicking a dude out for being a douchebag should be free, like air and water! The game features gorgeous anime-inspired art and fast-paced techno music that fits the game remarkably well. Also, the bugs make the game glitch and lag too often. Created by the strategy masterminds at Wargaming.

Optimally, players should customize their set for the game mode and map they are playing. However, you won't thoroughly enjoy the finest points of the game until you get into a real map. Add the sound effects of the guns, the swords, and everything in between, and you've got an epic action sequence going on.

They fire fast and hit hard, very bad combination. Only counts active use, so logging off won't cause weapons to lose time. If you're not good at aiming, you can just ditch your gun and go for other weapons like a sword. The game offers the combination of fast-paced and side-scroll gameplay and takes place in the fantasy world. If there is an option to turn off the chat log, I highly recommend you do so.

If these issues were ever resolved in the future, I think it has the potential to become a solid game. However, there are disadvantages, such as the fact that you must constantly buy weapons and costumes. However, those that enter the game late will not be one, because they were not there at the start of the round. Players are pretty friendly, and there is a large player base.

Players can feel like the heroes and heroines of anime as they dash past bullets and jump off of walls, all to the music of some awesome beats in the background. There are a limited number of maps, but alaplaya will probably add more. Alaplaya secured the English license for the game in early and opened up the game to Europe and North America. Maps like Nightmare are used in two different game modes Chaser mode and Captain mode.

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You can use a huge variety of weapons and can get rewards by completing the levels. Choose your tanks and enter epic battles!

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One such capsule that contains special gear is the G-capsule. The game features two different character classes and allows the player to choose one of them and get into the role of mythical hero. Nowadays the only thing we complain about is when a friend has to ditch out because dinnertime. The system is meant to foster competitive gameplay and give a helping hand to the losing team.

The variety of maps makes this very fun, play store.com especially because the mechanics are easy to pick up and the game is extremely fast-paced. This game is awesome the terminated the hacking situation so now we dont have anyhackers till futher notice futhermore this game is great hope you check it out.

Submit Game Partner with Us! By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The new biggest problem with this game as coconut says is the noobness of players and they think they are pro and the best player for doing it.

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Laggers, can go either way. In addition, there are sometimes glitches, and it has its fair share of hackers and laggers. So i did not like it at all, the items system dont like too, cause if i buy something and i go to holidays i lost the item cause is by time. All players can receive G-capsules as prizes for winning certain maps, but G-capsules can also be purchased with cash points. You can use your rewards to purchase weapons, items, and other stuff.

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The fast-paced gameplay is coupled with techno music to added to the sci-fi atmosphere of the game. How do i recharge the ammo when is empty? Please enter your name here. Sometimes the lag helps them and makes them sort-of hackers. Strikers emphasize mobility, sacrificing long-range weapons for shorter ones and have gear with speed enhancements.

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Special gear for both armor and weapons have timers which expire with in-game playtime. You may get frustrated with the paying players, but remember this.

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Can be translated with Google! So even critical hits deal much less damage. Cue that techno music and awesome sound effects to add to the experience of being like Neo from the Matrix. It says that the connection thingy help me.

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