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The function also helps improve the ability to test new materials and cutting tools. These super machines also offer metal hardening, coating capabilities, heat treatments, and more. Pretty sure they are built with just the minimum specs to run the Okuma software itself, but hey, it's worth a try.

CAD/CAM software - One-Touch IGF - OKUMA

Machining optimization for the most challenging parts. Laser Additive and subtractive capabilities, within one machine.

This technology can be applied on all Okuma double column, vertical, and horizontal machining centers. Has anybody used this control Okuma Genos lathe? We are an Okuma dealer so we support so many machines that I don't have time to dial in a post for every different machine I have to program. Back on the original topic of Advanced One Touch. Machining Navi M-g Suitable for high speed machining center applications, bhagavad gita book Machining Navi M-g uses a microphone to analyse chatter and display optimal settings for chatter-free spindle speeds.

CAD/CAM software - One-Touch IGF - OKUMA

What are you using to program it? The system then draws the defined shape before developing the complete part program for you. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Why transfer it it, Turn on advanced machining. Any information would be great!

The result is that deformation of the spindle and Z-axis are accurately controlled. Machining Navi L-g For lathe applications suppressing chatter requires a different approach, especially when turning at lower speeds.


This is an indispensable virus protection system for users who exchange data at risk of viral infection and users who can use only trusted devices. Can you tell us what areas are trouble? The system issues an alarm when a virus is detected. Machining Navi M-i Vibration is measured by built-in sensors and automatically shifts revolution to the ideal speed to avoid chatter.


Additive and subtractive capabilities, within one machine. Okuma's Machining Navi chooses the optimal speed s at which your machine can avoid chatter, thereby saving operator time and maximising productivity. Many applications and development tools concentrate on the cutting and forget about the hazard of collision.

It is n the top left corner. Automatic spindle variation, while maintaining safe speeds, suppresses chatter. If we turn on advanced machining, what else would change? If chatter is detected, the function then either recommends spindle speed changes Machining Navi L-g and Machining Navi M-g or automatically makes the spindle speed adjustments Machining Navi M-i. You no longer waste time and money warming machines up, thus requiring manual adjustments for temperature changes.

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By changing spindle speed for each path, chatter is suppressed gradually. Does this control come with the collision avoidance software? By running the real-time virtual application seconds ahead of the actual cutting, problems can be detected early and the machine is stopped before a costly collision.

Okuma ONE-TOUCH IGF Operation Examples pdf - CNC Manual

Collision Avoidance System. Maybe it's an option that's not turned on? Coupled with extremely accurate thermal deformation compensation, the benefit is unrivalled dimensional stability over long, continuous runs. In addition to our Intelligent Technologies, we offer a whole separate subset of Advanced Technologies to take your machining capabilities to the next level. On the display screen, the user can easily check the corrective actions taken.

That would seem very odd if it were dedicated to Metric only. There are still a few things I need to figure out but overall it is very easy to learn and start making programs.

Okuma Advanced Technologies

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Vibration Auto Adjustment Noise or vibration may occur when machine conditions change over time. Manufacturer Okuma Europe GmbH. Is it worth hooking the control computer up to the internet?