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Justin Bieber's chart-topper well, one of many has everyone going crazy on the dance floor. Bittu Boparai nu lishkan dange Ke allot aunde yaraan da Tere na te note chala dange Su te aunde mitran da Tere na te note chala dange.

The song of the summer is so much more than that. Ni ke allot aunde yaaran da Tere na te note chala daange Su te aunde mitran da Tere na te note chala daange. Every Rolling Stones Album, Ranked. Every John Mayer Album, Ranked.

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And that song just happens to be a highlight of Charles Bradley's album of the same name. Here are our top wedding song predictions of the year. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. If there's any good time to be a slacker, it's the between the months of June and September. Just in time to make this the song for all the First Day Out of College-themed parties.

As a vocalist, he rivals Sam Smith. Who wouldn't want their very own superman? Technically, the song of the summer is the most commercially successful track between the months of June and September. As long as you have each other, you'll be eternally happy.

It's a sweet piano ballad from Black Sabbath Vol. But this year saw the release of the Canadian producer's major label debut, which will finally expose him to wider audiences.

We also love the acoustic version for the ceremony! What are the odds you're going to get broken up with this summer?

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What's the Difference Between Mrs. And because the last one was so intense, unwind to some Ariana Grande. Though Anti has been out since late January, Rihanna isn't going anywhere. Photo illustration by Kevin Peralta. With its infectiously upbeat tempo, this modern disco jam will coax everyone onto the dance floor.

Looking to take the modern route for your wedding songs? The below songs are a mix of Billboard chart toppers that are still good and songs that will never make it to the charts and are also very good!

Sweet, powerful and straight from the heart, this country tune is everything a first dance song should be. While the song didn't immediately catch as her third single, it has come roaring back into the charts in recent weeks. No one can quite agree on what a song of the summer actually is.

With a medium tempo and full, celebratory sound, it bears an uplifting message of hope and companionship that's perfect for your wedding reception. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Knock everyone off their feet with this gorgeous, moving track as your first dance song. There's no better way to celebrate your union than slow dancing to this crazy-romantic country song about sharing your love forever and always.

Landiyan buchiyan kandha utte chada dange Ni ke allot aunde yaaran da Tere naa te note chala daange Su te aunde mittran da Tere naa te note chala daange. Adele hits will last until every single song on the record has charted at number one. Ho din dabb ke kad le char kudde Dabb ke kadd le char jaane ni tere Sare ae shounk paga daange. Though, with a beat as comforting as a warm, fading summer night, Chance the Rapper has perfected the sound of nostalgic, hip-hop balladry.

This is high gloss dance pop that's as much for mainstream radio listeners as it is for experimental electronic snobs. Ni ke allot aunde yaraan da Tere na te note chala dange Su te aunde mitraan da Tere na te note chala dange. You can't expect everything to be perfect just because the weather is!

And if you're planning a confetti drop, during this song is the time to let it fly! Don't worry about an empty dance floor at your wedding. This feel good single will get all of your guests up and moving. The half-assed, conversational vocals and the lazy tempos layered with hazy feedback makes this one for lounging about and getting stoned on warm days.

For anyone who has kept up on electronic music via soundcloud or niche blogs, Kaytranada isn't anything new. Anderson Paak's Malibu came out in the wrong season. Allot aunde yaraan da Tere na te note chala dange Su te aunde mitraan da Tere na te note chala dange.

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As a producer, James Blake is more technically gifted than most mainstream pop machine songwriters. The rock scene in Melbourne is strong. Not sure where to begin with your wedding planning? At a certain point, latest realplayer 11 gold everyone needs to put down that vodka and lemonade and listen to something heavy.

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Looking back at all the A-list hip-hop contenders for songs of the summer they're all party songs. Dancehall-injected beats have been proven international hits the last couple of years. Even the most reserved partygoers can't stop this feeling!

Charlie Puth's sweet falsetto takes this already romantic pop song to new levels. We know you want fresh, new song ideas for your wedding day.