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What happens next forms the rest of the plot. Arun defends the case says that the patient did not die of this medicine. Sathya is saved by a miraculous face transplant surgery and he returns to take his revenge. He made his debut as an actor with the movie Vinayakudu. Soon things take an ugly turn and Arun beats up Vikram.

The case moves to and fro and, in the end, Arun has the upper hand. Similar Popular with similar viewers. Arun had been waiting for this moment to take revenge on Thakral. This restricts her from falling for him, as it would land him in danger, but she finally gives in after some time. He then finds the same piano with the sticker of Bhagwat Geeta of Krishna which his father used to play and was auctioned.

Meri Jung One Man Army (Mass) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie

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She came into limelight with her performance in the movies like Mr. What happens when the Roadie boys go shirtless for a quick dip? The village people treat him as God. In the same village lives another Zamindar family of Shivnath, his sons Veershankarnath his four brothers and daughter Sneha.

Arun and his sister request them to take them to her. He becomes a successful defence lawyer and keenly follows every case of Thakral so that some day he can stand up in court against the unbeaten Thakral and beat him. Seeing Indra's nature and bravery, Sneha starts loving Indra. Mass Nagarjuna Akkineni is an orphan, who bonds well with his landlord's son Adi Sunil.

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Mass is a Tollywood film produced by Akkineni Nagarjuna on his home production Annapurna Studios banner, written and directed by debutant Raghava Lawrence. Director Raghava Lawrence. Geeta storms out of his office, but Arun is convinced to take the case.

Watch the full movie to find out who is Veera Ravi Teja and why is he protecting Shyam's family. He then became popular with the movies like Idiot, Don Seenu, Kick. Taapsee Pannu one of the popular actress acting in both Bollywood and South industry made her debut with the movie Jhummandi Naadam. The movie established Kapoor as a mature actor with a lot of talent, at your inconvenience album shedding his newcomer image.

Mathur gives Arun a blank cheque. Mathur sees a photo of his mother hanging on the wall. Arun finds out that Thakral abused the law.

He got acclaimed with Kick, Race Gurram movies. He meets Asha Mathur in police custody. Kajal Aggarwal entered telugu film industry with the movie Lakshmi Kalyanam. At the planned moment, when one of Vikram's ex-girlfriends shows up and tells Komal of Vikram's evil intentions. That's one juicy revelation we weren't ready for!

Arun's father is trapped in a murder case. One day Geeta Srivatsav Meenakshi comes to him and asks him to fight the case of her sister, Dr. Pleas by Arun's mother fail to convince Thakral to be truthful and spare her husband. Elections In Your Language. Beach day for the Roadies What happens when the Roadie boys go shirtless for a quick dip?

Bhaskarabhatla Ravi Kumar. Shankarnarayan is a zamindar in a village near Hyderabad. Thakral becomes a mentally unstable person.

Arun rejects the offers politely and says he did for his self-satisfaction. Ravi Teja mingles with the family but Shaam's wife Sathya Sridevi does not like him. He says that his mother was never seen after his father's death, and he assumes that she is dead. Allu Arjun, is the lead guitarist of a Spain-based band comprising of four others Srinivasa Reddy, Khayyum and two girls. Mass moves into Vizag and stays in an apartment hiding his identity to take revenge on the mafia dons.

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It is shown that Asha Mathur's husband, Dr. His memories are refreshed again and with the emotional request he tells Dr.

He is unsuccessful in saving his son, who is given the death penalty. Falling all in love all over again, Mishti and Ruhaan can't just take their eyes off each other!

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The gangsters, in the process, kill Adi when he tries to stop them when they try separating the lead pair before their marriage. Indra and Veerashankarnath's families are enemies. He tries to impress her by his charms, dancing skills, and ways of flattering people. His mother becomes mentally unstable from shock and is sent to a mental institution. In an attempt to shoot Arun, Thakral shoots his friend's son and is jailed.

On arrival in the hospital, she gives the liquid from that bottle to stabilise the patient. Veerashankar and his brothers ask Indra to write off his whole property and leave the village in return for their land.