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You are fond of the cosmic dance. Chant the Name of Lord Sai Shankara, who wears the golden-yellow garment.

You always provide Grace to your devotees. Victory to the mind captivating Lord Krishna! Ever blissful Prince of Nanda steals our hearts. We repeat your name constantly Rama, Krishna and Sai. Chant the name of Prince of Nanda, Who moves about in Brindavan garden, wearing a garland made up of many pretty flowers.

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Hari, Narayana and Sai, who is the sustainer of the three worlds. The omniscient Lord, the eternal Truth, You are everything. Light up in the temple of my mind a flame of knowledge that will glow continuously. Brother Bharata dedicated his life to Lord Rama.

Chanting the names of the Lord destroys evil. He destroys obstacles and annihilated demon King Ravana. Names of Krishna, incarnation of Vishnu Narayana. Siddhi VinAyaka, the fulfiller of wishes, who dispels fear in our worldly existence!

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He is the all-powerful, supreme controller of all energies. Worship and recite for ever the enchanting and sweet name of Lord Hari. Immaculate beauty is Lord Sai's form.

Chant the names of Narayana. Chant the various names of God Krishna. Kindly protect and be pleased with us. This site is totally a personal work.

Sweet flute player of dark blue skin, Lord of Radha, Mathura, Surdas, bearer of the mountain, Meera's Lord Krishna who plays in the heart. Thou art unsurpassingly beautiful!

Worship the auspicious Mother of the Universe, Mother Sai and Amba who has an enchanting face with a charming smile. Victory to Lord Sai Ram, who is Savior of the world and abode of auspiciousness.

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Victory to Lord Narayana who confers boons, who is the origin of the Vedas. Hey Ram, a million prostrations to You. Holder of Trishul, Pure One! Glory to the One who has a cobra around His neck. Thou art the life force of all Beings, You darling son of Shiva who resides in Parthi.

He is protector and uplifter of devotees and extremely auspicious. Thou art the ocean of Mercy. Victory to Lord Ganesh, destroyer of obstacles and grantor of good intelligence and success.

Victory to Sri Rama and Sri Krishna! Who is always blissful, happy and loving. Thou art bestower of bliss and also leader of innumerable Divine forces. Thou hast cometh as Messenger for revival of righteousness and guiding devotees. Hey Vinaayaka, the beautiful One, You bestow auspiciousness.

Chant the name of Rama, Sai Krishna. You are the incomparable enchanting One with divine qualities. Chant the name of Lord Govinda of Gokula and Brindavana. Sing the glory of the son of Nanda, the Lord who enchants the mind by playing on the flute. Victory to Goddess Bhavani, Sai Bhavani!

Beloved Sai, indweller of heart, thou art my mother, father and kinsman. Bow to Sai Narayani, who is bestower of knowledge and wisdom. Hail to Narayana, God who comes in the form of man, bow to Narayana with the lotus eyes, who rests on the ocean of milk, whom Narada praises.

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Lord of Parthi, the dweller of Prasantinilayam, we chant thy name, destroyer of demon Mura, Krishna, the indweller of our hearts. With a search engine that allows searching by name of God, by language, and by first line. Shower mercy, grace and compassion on us. Thou name and glory engulfs the entire world.

Bhajan Radio presents Latest online hindi bhajan, Radha krishna bhajan. Without you there is no one to protect us, google sketchup 6.0 sustain us in distress and no one to love us. Easy to please Lord Shankar destroys the fear of cycle of birth and death. Thou art the Sustainer of entire creation and of those who are miserables and dejected.

Please have compassion and mercy on me, Sai Nandalala Sai in the form of Krishna. The Italian Sai website has hundreds of bhajans, prayers, mantras, etc. Victory to Lord Sai Gopal!