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One of the basic reasons behind the fame of this news channel especially in Pakistan is the present shattered conditions of Pakistan. People by sitting at their own place get updates about whole incident of the world. Khan Academy states that millions of students log on every day and learn at their own pace. Thousands of viewers then can watch these videos or pictures on Live Geo News.

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Many blogs here at Online Learning Success have discussed online courses. Geo was launched in November having its main headquarter in Karachi. Being a mother language of majority of Pakistani as a single entity it shows harmony among the people of a country.

In short it can also be use in political sense in order to criticise or to explain through direct and indirect references. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Khan Academy is another way to augment your education and increase your knowledge. This program is produced by Tafseer Hussain and hosted by a brilliant, fabulous man a man of words Hamid Mir. We know that there is a lot of tension and depression around us due to present condition of the country which also severely responsible for financial crisis.

The epic based classic online game Khan takes on where Genghis Khan reached the end of his expedition. As a non-profit organisation, Khan Academy relies on donations, volunteers, and sponsorship to help create more videos, problem sets and virtual badges. Aaj Kamran Khan kay Sath is also publically appreciated show of which covers the daily round up updates of the day. Online courses are an excellent way to learn, giana sisters but there are other resources as well.

These attributes can be achieved from the Fame System. Fame points can be traded for better items and abilities. Soon, other people discovered the videos. Geo business use to present the programs about business or related to the business.

Geo news live is a well renowned news channel having very huge viewership of geo tv live channel throughout in the world which is increasing day by day. Mission of this channel is use to broadcast games on demand of the unlimited fans of support. One can get valuable logistic and technical information about from it. Salient features and basic properties of as well as other channels of Geo network as a whole are given below. When enabled, off-topic review activity will be filtered out.

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Geo Live launched this channel for sports lovers who are crazy about various sports. There are also programs about the shares and tender notices of companies or projects of the companies. These days it is focused on mismanagement and other faults in the field of education. Fame system points will be also be awarded to those who lead their parties to victory in Quests and Battles. So through interesting, amazing facts, new inventions, new records and discoveries they try to divert the attention of their sad, sorrowful and depressed viewers.

Geo Pakistan covers all the daily basis events in the sectors regarding politics, social issues and all other events and incidents happening in Pakistan. Gifting on Steam The Steam Community. Off-topic Review Activity. Geo presents interesting programs, News, talk shows, morning shows, public live surveys and comedy entertaining shows for increasing it viewership.

You can join as a learner, teacher or parent. These channels have a large no of viewership within and without the country.

They have made documentaries about the people who started from grass root level and get remarkable success just because of education in order to inspire the people about the importance of education. Students can choose what to explore and work at their own pace.

Although most videos are produced in-house, some are made by its partners. People living in other areas can get to know about that at once with in no time. One can even facilitated from updates even when there is electricity failure at home. His aim when establishing Khan Academy was to plug those gaps so students can go on to more advanced areas with a solid knowledge base. In due to the political crisis in media popularity of geo news has decreased a lot and express news has got more popularity than geo.

Khan Absolute Power on Steam

These and other partners have added videos and exercises to the site. This channel use to provide live and recorded covering of sports matches usually held. It plays it important role to aware the local folk against social evils and faults in a lot of departments leading the country. In which notorious leaders of Pakistan are criticized in a funny way.

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Geo has an excellent approach and coverage of breaking news right after the happening. So that there may be a chance of improvement and possibility to produce change and revolution. Donations are encouraged, but anyone can join and learn for free. You will re-visit the history and prepare the battles against the greatest conquer of history. Students are able to share their answers in the discussions, or keep them private in their own notebook or electronic documents.

Differentiate your classroom and engage every student

Watch Shah Rukh Khan Hindi Full Movies

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