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This song still makes for a great companion during rains. His discography songs in various Indian languages. All of us have tried singing this song innumerable times and failed miserably each time. He urged people to donate clothes, medicines and contributions when devastating floods hit Assam. This will not post anything on Facebook or anywhere else.

Somebody get this guy a television show. With a badass piercing and the perfect groove for a pop star, Stereo Nation nailed it with this song. The song that was sung by every gali ka majnu. Tanha Dil -Shaan The song that was our go-to song when missing that special one. Malaika and Shah Rukh grooving on a moving train with beautiful music from Rahman - This song can never fail to make us move.

Another classy Punjabi and English mix. Pari Hun Main -Suneeta Rao A beautiful voice and this song had all the feels to make a girl feel good, like a pari. This melodious song from the duo is just so soothing to the ears.

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One of the few good remixes, and the ultimate sensual song. And what a great time to be covering it all. Only Shankar Mahadevan could do it!

Balasubrahmanyam and since then, Chithra has recorded for around Bollywood songs. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

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Every girl thought it was for her. When I see the swan, my eye drifts past its beak to those pillowy white feathers, recalling the plushness and warmth of a down comforter.

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Yaad Piya Ki- Falguni Pathak I'm pretty sure all you lovely closet Falguni fans have tried and copied the steps once, at least. Thank you for Subscribing to ScoopWhoop Notification. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Zubeen Garg. You owe Radiohead at least as much for giving the world this gorgeous, underappreciated masterpiece for the price of an unbuttered scone. What a great time to be a fan of thoughtful, engaging and original entertainment.

Garg's father Mohini Borthakur is also a poet and lyricist writing under the name Kapil Thakur. You absolutely love this song, and you can't help but do the step the moment you hear the song playing from a distance. They didn't have to use dirty words to make their songs sell.

Farewells, senti-friendship videos, the end of a college trip - This song has always been there to express everything we ever wanted to say about friends and friendships. He got the biggest break in Bollywood in the film Gangster.

Also, isn't the video just so beautiful?

Singer musician composer lyricist music producer actor film director film producer. He is a football fan and have played matches to collect funds for flood affected people. He was named after the composer Zubin Mehta and uses his gotra name, Garg, as his surname.

Zubeen Garg Official Website. List of songs recorded by Zubeen Garg. We'd like to show you notifications for the latest news and updates. Lists of songs recorded by Indian singers Discographies of Indian artists. Garg also has acted in few Assamese films.

Indian Pop Music Albums

When you visit ScoopWhoop. The Aryans were the shiz back then yo!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Despite her reputation for flamboyance and silliness, the Icelandic empress achieved a shocking level of intimacy and tenderness with this folktronica gem. Forget the collective shriek of a thousand red-carpet fashion know-it-alls. Have you heard anyone with a voice as powerful and full of energy other than Shubha Mudgal? Vocals tabla keyboard drum dhol guitar.

With a deep husky, earthy voice, watch the clique movie for with no this badass lady was a pleasant surprise for the Hindi pop scene. The song that launched India's first all-girls band courtesy of a talent show on V Channel. This introduced us to the beautiful princess-like Alisha and the smoldering hot Milind Soman. But it suits the talented Swede. It was all about rhythm and music in its best form.

Another song with some really embarrassing dance moves but nonetheless, it gets us grooving, and that's what music is supposed to do, right? With a whole new swagger added by Apache Indian, this song was the perfect amalgamation of desi Punjabi lyrics with some really cool English ones. Garg runs a charity which donates big amounts for various causes.

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Bollywood Albums - 1990s

We got introduced to pop via Bombay Vikings, and this song couldn't have done a better job at it. His voice combined with Shreya Ghhoshal's nazakhat makes for a beautiful melody and we can't have enough of the video. The really cute guy who stole our hearts with his deep dimples and sung to us this beautiful song. The original Blueprint was the classic, a knockout punch by a heavyweight champion. It gives this warm feeling every time you listen to it.