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The pitch of the attack of a drum is affected by impact strength. For now its a limited selection, but with the help of the Drummer Community and our user base, we hope to further extend it!

If you tune the pitch of a single tensioning bolt up, all pitches of the other bolts will go up too, as the tension increase redistributes over the whole head. It has the multi touch feature that will help you play faster and get the real drum kit experience. The ambient setting allows you to adapt the sensitivity of the microphone so drum hits can be detected without interference from any environment sounds. To ensure consistent pitch readings, it is very important to hit the drumhead in a consistent manner. Based upon your location and the availability, all items available for purchase are shown in the shop, neatly ordered in categories.

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Create pitch perfect drum tuning presets for gig or studio needs and make them look awesome. This is another good app for drums. To be able to see these tutorials or videos you need to have an active internet connection on your mobile device. Just reach out if something is missing. Perhaps we can help you solve any possible issue, or perhaps we can improve your app.

The intuitive drum tuner interface makes tuning your drums fast and fun! We do our best to follow-up as fast as possible. In other words, if all lugs are cleared, your drum produces a more defined sound with a clear timbre.


Repeat the above steps until the head is properly tuned Pressing ensures that the bearing edge contact is uniform, resulting in an even tension distribution over the head. To achieve a balanced sound, it is important to tune all lugs of a drum head to the same lug tone.

How to order items from the shop? You can use more than one finger to play, as it has multi touch effect. The benefits are best audible during the decay of the sustain. This would result in a melodic drum kit sound, with well balanced tones which are in harmony with the other instruments of your band.

The description of Real Drum

This is one of the best apps for drumming, as it has been used by a lot of Android users and it has good rating. This is also a new release in the android market. One of the remarkable features is that you can record the track that you play and share it with your friends. The more experience and skill you have, the easier it gets.

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Start finger tightening the tensioning bolts per pair of opposing bolts, to ease keeping drum head level and well-centered in place on the drum. Simply place your finger or a cymbal washer on the drumhead, at approx. You get to learn the names of the drums and symbols which will help you understand the parts on the real drum kit.

This is another interesting app by Dark Blood studios. This app only has the effects and loops of hip hop. If not solved, please contact us via mail support here. This new feature will save you a lot of time experimenting with different tunings to get a great overall drum kit sound!

You can download Drums Cool for free from play store. To access your personal account and update your account details, or your profile picture, press the tab at the top of the Even More screen.

You get over sound samples and customizable color for the background. Select any drum as reference drum for the interval and see real time effect. It has the original feel, as you get to see the whole drum kit and you also get to learn the names of the drums.

You have a lot of features in this app like changing the settings of the drum kit and arranging the drums the way you want. Carry your complete instrument arsenal in your pocket!

Achieve a great drum sound within minutes and retrieve your sound, time after time, when tuning your drums! The drums in this particular app have deep sound unlike other apps. You may want to tune the snare drum and if desired also the kick to a different interval distance to suit your style. You can download this app for free from play store.

Apps recommended for youTurn your Android into a drum set

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Your input and feedback is vital to us! Finger tighten again and repeat if required. Internet connection required.

To further customize your drum tuning preset, we added a selection of common drum brands, and their product range, subhamita bengali songs you can chose from. How should I hit my drum while tuning? Here are few good apps for drumming.