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Software for Data Center Infrastructure Management. Nlyte automates the discovery, workflow management, and reporting across the entire technology stack, physical, virtual, and edge, including software and IoT devices. Sunbird Software is changing the way data centers are being managed. Reservations, moves, adds, table tennis pc games and changes are easily accomplished through fully integrated and automated workflow management.

Free Full Featured Download. Solutions for Financial institutions. Improve People Productivity Reservations, moves, adds, and changes are easily accomplished through fully integrated and automated workflow management. Dustin Phillips, Co-Location Operations. What is Data Center Management?

What is an Edge Data Center? Visualize space, cooling, power, network connections, storage and virtualization Proactive versus reactive data center management Accurate data center lifespan prediction.

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OpenDCIM - Open Source Data Center Infrastructure Management

Analyze sensor readings for entire rows and racks in a single screen. Search, sort, and filter assets in cabinets from any data center location. Eliminate duplicate requests, bottlenecks, and delays resulting from manual effort. Isolate cabinets to view where and how devices are placed and connected.

OpenDCIM - Open Source Data Center Infrastructure ManagementWhat is DCIM

Filter data for faster, pinpointed analysis or export for use in a third-party system. Results are validated for data and power port compatibility to ensure you have all the capacity you need. Automating the Management of Your Computing Infrastructure. As a result, we are able to track our data center capacity more accurately and assess our infrastructure needs for the future. Weather Radar for Your Data Center.

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Nlyte helped them accomplish both by providing a great view of the entire data center estate and making troubleshooting faster and more efficient. System monitoring tools help you track the health of the network. It typically replaces Excel, Visio, and home grown databases. Automated Workflow and Change Management. Correlate multiple space, power, and environmental reports for a real-time, accurate view of data center capacity.

Best Practices When Selecting a Colocation Provider In this fast-moving market, what should businesses think about when selecting a provider? They came to Nlyte because they wanted to improve the tracking of assets in their data center, and reduce the time it took to deploy new assets. Manage, validate, and report on change requests and work orders. Secure cabinets with electronic door locks, auditing, surveillance, and role-based permissions. Visualize all the cabinet hops on your data center floor to quickly identify network and power connections.

Learn More About Us Joining our team means being part of something great. When you have a dynamic and complex environment with many moving parts and interdependencies, you look for solutions to help make it easier to manage. Your Single Source of Infrastructure Truth. Take the Complexity Out of Capacity Planning.

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Stop wasting hours creating, updating, and managing rack diagrams in Visio. Bi-directional Systems Integration. Workflow Automation Optimize your resources and personnel with measurable, repeatable intelligent processes making individuals more efficient.

What is DCIM

Solutions for Federal Agencies. What is Data Center Monitoring? Manage power and network connectivity with visual trace routes, cable measurements, and port connectivity. Quickly see space, power, network connectivity, and cooling capacity. Solutions for Colocation Providers.

Explore zero-configuration dashboards and visual analytics that work right out of the box. Boost energy efficiency, reduce costs, and drive energy-saving initiatives. Reserve space, power, and connectivity all at once.

Process assurance, tracking and audit trails dramatically increase employee productivity and morale. Solutions for Higher Education. Solutions for Healthcare Organizations. Spot temperature, humidity, and air pressure trends over time to maintain a safe operating environment, save money, and avoid overcooling.

Having a common framework, a common source of truth of the inventory. Solutions for the Utilities Market. In this fast-moving market, what should businesses think about when selecting a provider?

View summary panels for an overview of your data, or filter to get just the most relevant dataset. Being able to see the temperature throughout our lab is also pivotal. Asset Lifecycle Management. Now we know exactly what to do.