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Please Send Me Someone to Love. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.

As close to techno as Sade ever got, this instrumental zeroes in on a synthetic bass line at the cost of all else. For the singer, see Sade singer.


No one has successfully copied her, but everyone in music adores her. Offizielle Deutsche Charts. Generic guitar lines and a standardized beat keep this Soldier song from being all it can be. Electronic Folk International.

Sade - The Best Of Sade AlbumAll 73 Sade Songs Ranked From Worst to Best

Sade sticks to plain professions of fidelity and leaves it to Paul Denman to carry the day. All Sade songs are socially engaged at some level, but of the ones that directly reference politics, this is one of the best. Discographies of British artists Rhythm and blues discographies Sade band Soul music discographies. Select albums in the Format field.

The sentiment is sincere and the bass line is a delight, but you worry whether some of the excessive attention paid to a companion might be better spent on oneself. Adu Matthewman Hale Paul S. Her love songs typically split between the ones where love is flawless and the ones where love is threatened, and this falls clearly in the former category.

Toggle Navigation SoundBae. Facebook Twitter About SoundMedia. But if it's not asking too much, Please send me someone to love. British Phonographic Industry.

Sade discography

Log in or link your magazine subscription. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes.

Love Is Stronger Than Pride. Australian Recording Industry Association Ltd. The guitar punches more than it licks, and the drums rattle like a military march. Light, coolly seductive, and a groove like a water slide. Learn how to download music and how to burn music.

Sade discography

The Best Singers of All Time. The supporting cast turns in one of its best performances, evoking a spirit at once buoyant, concerned, hotel transylvania 2 full movie and trapped. Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

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Following the release of the band's debut album, they went on to release a string of multi-platinum selling albums. By Your Side Instrumental Version.

Her best songs hold out the possibility of a better world without concealing the grief that defines the present one. Few songs capture the tension of a romantic who is sad to find themselves in love. But, if it's not asking too much, Please send me someone to love. But, if it's not asking too much Please send me someone to love.

The platonic ideal of a video-game groove. Recording Industry Association of Japan. Canadian Recording Industry Association. The second single from Lovers Rock witnesses Sade anointing herself a monarch. Just because I'm in misery.

It's sort of classy, another cocktail and cityscape record. Enter The Best Of in the field Titel. They named the band after lead singer Sade Adu, and made their debut performance in December at Ronnie Scott's Club in London in support of Pride. Piano, guitar, longing, capped off by a sax solo. Select album in the field Format.

Commodores Kelly Price Massive Attack. Adu Matthewman Hale Denman.

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If you want to know the best Sade album of all time, or the top Sade albums, this list will answer your questions. Search and download from millions of songs and albums. The Greatest Albums of All Time. Smooth Operator extended Smooth Jazz version Lyrics.

She is the exact and total opposite of everything ignorant, bigoted, intolerant, and cruel in the present. Billboard Nielsen Business Media. None of this information is listed within the packaging.

This early B-side shows off Sade as she figures out how to sing about romantic pain in the first-person. Introspection Late Night Partying. The reckless pace matches the lyrical abandon. Is it possible to be too good of a friend?